Monday, 22 March 2010


I have the power that is such a mystery with the doll to get into a doll takes the emotions that a doll expresses human emotions and hid sorrow in the heart times the talk in, and to melt into the heart of the person.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Japanese safe foundation organization


This meeting plans a start of the business in about July when the communication that a secretariate is not resident for the whole establishment preparations in the secretariat can lack in inconvenience.

This meeting secures the security of the nation from civic eyes, and the correspondence of the guard industry becomes various, and I cope with the new situation, and and citizen's, the relations jurisdiction agency and relations Specialized Agencies, an expert, the relations company where the security of the security is concerned with this meeting where a development study is urgent business adjust communication to technology, and there is the uneasiness of the peace and order such as terrorism uneasiness, uneasiness of the food, local crime prevention again, and therefore uneasiness of the construction spot security that is indispensable for the advice that it is necessary and relations for the purpose of what I contribute to I propose it, and to build the safe, reliable life of the nation, the relations jurisdiction agency and relations Specialized Agencies, an expert, a citizen and the cooperation of the relations company, the disaster prevention of the set institution will gather the cooperators for this meeting positively in future in security of food / natural disaster / a public disaster / terrorism / the mind future when I am wide and must cope, and there is need to propose expectation and a demand for the guard industry industrial safely protecting the security of the nation again in a private situation where there is the need that adjusts communication to the relations jurisdiction agency and relations Specialized Agencies, an expert even if I say to an activity idea with the security that I proposed as citizen activity to do it in the world's safest country.


Friday, 12 March 2010


byakugouji is
Is an impressive temple, when children came to travel to Nara, then somehow the desolate near the Mine, byakugouji is why I came to live here gave a strong impression in the minds of children is unclear but and go to transformation in the shape of the passage of time but always stop by to visit the temple and made to NARA also hooked to the temple to temple since that time there was a sense of shock and living space dramatically different hollow feel a sense of disappointment here is where the residence of a hermit in the shape of the moments in time of Mayo's current shape it will be good at 伝Ware I built this temple is 100 years after the temple of Kyoto-style development remember the Lord's mind living in hope of inheriting the temple of the living things will continue to seek the spiritual state of pathos without abandoning the faith in Buddhism