Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Beautiful location of Japan

Beautiful location of Japan

Japan's ancient capital, I want you to look at the Nara Todaiji night view of NIGATUDOU, NIGATUDOU in a location that historically many of drama, especially night view is a place where great Japanese sensibility exists, quiet and think of past events enjoy the space, Kyoto and differences also Fortunately it was that had not progressed much sightseeing of there is a place that sensibility was left of Japan, is a Japanese place that I want to see when you have gotten all means you come to Japan.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Japan, Kamakura of Terra Hōkoku-ji (Hokokuji)

Kamakura-Hōkoku-ji is, has a long history temple garden is famous as the bamboo grove garden that made the other kr to the protagonist, the Japanese garden there is a thought that tries to reproduce the natural in a small space, bamboo forest of this Hokoku temple the garden is expressed the majestic nature in narrow space.