Monday, 21 March 2011

"thanks for the help earthquake victims in the world on northeastern Pacific Ocean"

Nonprofit corporation Japanese safefoundationorganization

April 11, 2011

Besides besides the worker asks world for world about the accident of the nuclear power plant with an earthquake disaster having a year of respect and the trust for world Japan who I am assigned to an earthquake disaster, and had warm support and encouragement from all of world when there are delays for information disclosure from the Japanese Government which it is accompanied I relate to radioactive contamination, and to have caused worry, and is sorry heartily, and the measures of the accident of the nuclear power plant where I trouble you and invite misunderstanding to of most are accompanied to avoid second damage to have you watch an eager effort of world oneself Japan who you stake your life on it, and works hard calmly no

Besides I give thanks with thanks for the warm true heart of world all of you heartily.

I'm thankful sincerely in everybody's support and encouragement of the world.

March 26th in 20011

I'm working strenuously I'll have support from everybody and an encouragement of the world, and to avoid the situation that the hit accident of a thankful nuclear power plant is also worst, the dead of many ones have also gone out of the disaster area where the worst situation in the people is avoided up to now by good luck, but everybody who shares pain and is confronting rehabilitation will thank a warm heart for entire people

We will send information to use this blog to the world

Nonprofit corporation Japanese safefoundationorganization

Gotten help and support I received encouragement and warmth of the Pope and the head of the national disaster if attached to the Japanese earthquake of this northeastern Pacific Ocean, I thank you with deep gratitude, as well as from the people in the world We have been encouraged encouragement, I thank you sincerely, we have overcome this disaster across Japan right now, you will be able to protect this country boil, thank you.

                                 Representative Takatugu Aoki