Sunday, 13 October 2013

Ancient city Kamakura Jochiji

The Jochiji in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, there is a word that represents the dignity of the temple of Kamakura Gozan, but it is in a quiet temple located is a temple at the 5-position, the plain of position difference in the mountains of Kamakura in the , precinct Buddha and an important cultural property has been designated as a historic site cultural property, visitors are coming seeking tranquility and this temple history, is a temple to feel the moment passage of time as if stationary, history is a temple that shoots was founded by the brother-fertility Tokimune wife and Zong government Hojo Zong government is gone 4 years Hiroyasu, in 1281 AD, the fragrance of the Kamakura period, personally, I like in a temple in Kamakura it is one of the five temples such, it is one of the few temples that leave the goodness of Kamakura.